Kylie Jenner Fitness and Health Insurance

You may think that Kylie Jenner appears lost, but she’s quite the opposite. While rumors have been circling that Kylie is quitting homeschooling,  Kylie is still working through her senior year, and that she has big plans to further her education once she graduates. She Plans To Go To Fashion School.

“Kylie is not dropping out of school. She is finishing up her classes and fully expects to get her high school diploma. Bruce was adamant that she get her diploma and not a GED,” “Kylie wants her degree as well. She is insecure about her peers not thinking shes smart and wants the validation a diploma will give her.  We all wish Kylie luck on getting her college degree.  The gym is a tough place to be, so make sure to get your health insurance just in case of an accident. Tons of companies offer health insurance like all state, state farm, and more.  Make sure to do your research to find out the best health insurance companies for you.  More pics on the next page.