Jordana Brewster Drives Fast Cars and Insurance

Jordana Brewster drives fast and furious and any car she touches she needs auto insurance for.  Dom’s (Vin Diesel) sister Mia, who disapproves of his criminal activities but never flips on him, even when she discovers that she’s been dating an undercover FBI Agent (Paul Walker), is the girlier of the franchise’s two original hotties. We think of her as the engine of the whole sleek production. Which is to say, we would clearly go under the hood for her. The road is a dangerous place to be, so make sure to get your auto insurance just in case of an accident. Tons of companies offer car insurance like all state, state farm, and more.  Make sure to do your research to find out the best car insurance companies for you.  More pics of "Mia" and her fast cars on the next page.