Awesome Military Vehicles Insurance #3

#3 Denel D6

Check out these planes, trains, and automobiles in the military that you definitely need auto insurance for.  We don’t know how the naming conventions work for military vehicles but so far it appears to be ‘Nonsensical Word’ + ‘Letter/Number/Combination of Both’. But back on subject: this is the Denel D6 Self Propelled Artillery vehicle from South Africa. Honestly, it seems to have taken the best bits of the Zil 1 (the armour, the ruggedness, the ability to drive on the face of the Almighty) and stuck one bloody big cannon on the top of it. Although we’d hate to be the driver sitting in front of that window because you know straight away that every enemy soldier for miles is going to be aiming their guns at that tiny little window right in front of your face. Hope the glass is strong, we guess. More awesome military vehicles you will need insurance for on the next pages.